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Winter Warrior Runway Control

Winter Warrior Runway Control Deicer / Anti-Icer meets all FAA and Transport Canada approved specifications, (SAE AMS 1431B) that covers all solid runway and taxiway deicing/anti-icing compounds.  Copy of our certification available from sales@xynyth.com

  • Non-Corrosive:  Winter Warrior Runway Control is a great choice for runway, taxiways and aprons, as it does not contain chlorides that can cause corrosion to metals.  Most airports are concerned about the effects of their ice melter on the steel embedded in the concrete areas.  Winter Warrior Runway Control is also the perfect solution for areas with exposed or sensitive metals, such as bridge decks, vessel decks, ferries, drilling platforms and transit or railway platforms.
  • Powerful to -21 degrees C (-6 degrees F):  Winter Warrior Runway Control is a very powerful deicer that works down to temperatures as low as -21 degrees C (-6 degrees F).  It works faster than urea, sodium chloride and requires less material than common ice melters to achieve similar results.  The product is exothermic and gives off heat as it dissolves, melting the ice faster than other deicers.
  • Biodegradable:  Winter Warrior Runway Control readily biodegrades at low temperatures and when compared to urea has a relatively low biological oxygen demand.
  • Safe on the Environment:  Winter Warrior Runway Control is the perfect choice when considering the impact on the environment.  Unlike urea, Winter Warrior Runway Control does not contain any nitrogen and has a relatively low biological oxygen demand.  In fact, most airports are now monitoring the water run-off to check for nitrogen (ammonia) contamination.
  • Special Acetate Formulation:  Winter Warrior Runway Control is a unique product in the marketplace.  It is manufactured using a process of granulizing a sodium acetate and sodium formate solution.  This process gives our product the ability to work longer and better than other NAAC products on the market.
  • Chloride & Urea Free: Winter Warrior Runway Control is fast becoming a preferred choice around many airports, and commercial sites that demand a totally chloride and urea free ice melter.  Traditionally urea contains nitrogen and breaks down into ammonia whereby the run-off becomes toxic to aquatic life even at low levels.  Winter Warrior Runway Control is safe to use.
  • Green Building Compliant:  Winter Warrior Runway Control meets all standards regarding snow and ice removal for LEED Certified properties.  LEED standards require certified properties to use 100% chloride free icemelters.
55.00 lb
19.68 × 3.94 × 30.31 in
$ 209.60 CAD
$ 209.60 CAD