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For all your automotive detailing and reconditioning needs, Struthmann Enterprises carries vehicle washes, waxes, compounds, clays, dressings, foggers, brushes, applicators, dyes, pads, and every specialty item you could possibly need.

For all your commercial equipment needs, look no further. Specializing in Extractors, Scrubbers, Sweepers, Vacuums, Burnishers, Air Movers, Generators, Pressure Washers and everything in between. We carry a wide range of automotive detailing and restoration equipment as well as specialty equipment for every type of job.

Offering a wide range of janitorial supplies from your basic mops, buckets and chemicals to paper and plastic products. Any cleaning difficulty you come across we have the product to help!

With a wide range of safety equipment including but not limited to safety gloves, goggles, respirators, safety signs, ear protection and other personal protective equipment, Struthmann Enterprises’ trained staff will ensure you are properly protected to do your job safely. Fit testing and WHMIS training available!