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Vision Bio-Scrub Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer with Aloe


Acceptable for use in Canadian food plants (CFIA). Anti-bacterial hand cleaner with aloe. Cleans hands between washings. No water necessary.

Bio-Scrub was developed to provide quick, convenient sanitizing of the hands between washings. It evaporates quickly leaving no residual fragrance. The hands feel soft, soothed and refreshed without the normal drying effect. The product is non-toxic and leaves no harmful or sticky residues.

Recommendations Apply directly to the skin. Rub thoroughly into the skin until dry.No further rinsing or drying necessary.If excess is applied, simply wipe of with clean cloth or towel.

Excellent for Airline Flight Attendants, Bank Tellers, Restaurant Waitresses, anywhere public contact is prevalent and where the consistent exchange of people items is common –change, hand shakes, telephones, door knobs, etc.

Canada approved hard-surface disinfectant

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$ 10.67 CAD