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Multi-Task 007 Double O Seven DC Peroxide Clnr

Double-O-Seven dispensed through the Multi-Task Dispenser is used for all daily cleaning tasks including floors, walls, glass, mirrors, countertops, and more. The combination of hydrogen peroxide (the “OXYgenator” which provides color safe bleaching and deodorizing) and biodegradable surfactants provides superior
cleaning of all water safe surfaces, yet is very environmentally responsible.

Double-O-Seven is effective at removing greasy soils, dirt, and oils while brightening and deodorizing the surfaces at the same time.

Double-O-Seven does not contain any glycol ethers such as “Butyl”, phosphates, nonylphenols, or chlorine bleach.


Food Service
Day Care
Contract Services
Health Care
Property Management

Directions:  Dilute with cold water only. For light duty cleaning, mix 1 oz./gallon (8 ml/liter) into a spray bottle or bucket. Apply to surface using clean cloth or sponge. Agitate and rinse with water. Personal Protective Equipment: Wear safety goggles, and gloves when using this product. Disposal: waste from
normal cleaning procedure may be sewered depending on the material and/or contaminants being cleaned as well as state, federal, and local sewer commision regulations.

Dilution - 1:128 Dilute with cold water

Squeeze N Pour ..................... 1/4 oz (8 mL) per quart water
Squeeze N Pour ..................... 1 oz (29.6 mL) per gallon water
Yield per 2 liters ...................... 68 Gallons RTU
Yield per 2 liters ...................... 272 Quarts RTU


used for all daily cleaning tasks including floors, walls, glass, mirrors, countertops, and more


floors, walls, glass, mirrors, countertops.


Mop, micro fiber mop, sponge, cloth.


Use good safety practices: wear rubber gloves & safety goggles when handling cleaning products.

CC-M908702M - 2L Bottle - 007 Double O Seven
5.00 lb
6.00 × 3.00 × 10.50 in
$ 59.50 CAD
$ 59.50 CAD