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Sponge; Bug Mesh 4" x 7" x 1"

4" x 7" x 1" Mesh Bug Sponge by Hi-Tech®.

Poly sponge encased in a nylon mesh bag.  When wet it cleans dirt and grime from windshields, chrome and whitewalls.

Two convenient sizes.

Arm yourself with this premium-quality auto detailing product to keep your prized possession looking clean and pristine for many miles to come.

Designed to provide amateur garage enthusiasts and professionals with spic and span results, this easy-to-use and practical product will help maintain the bright, shiny look of a brand new vehicle and retain its value, while keeping it protected against dirt for longer before the next wash.

22.679619 g
7 × 4 × 1.25 in
$ 4.40 CAD
$ 4.40 CAD